Within Habit
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Within Habit | Oli Hazzard

Within Habit is the second book of poetry from Oli Hazzard, following 2012's highly acclaimed Between Two Windows (Carcanet), winner of the Michael Murphy Memorial Prize.

John Ashbery, in his introductory note to the book, describes this “stunning set of prose puzzles” as “exciting, necessary and new”.

Within Habit is a series of 20 texts - poems presented in the shape of prose, visually identical in format. Untitled, unnumbered, and unpaginated, they relate to each other in a process which runs forwards and backwards across the book, forming a circular sequence connected by fragments of repetition. Vertical lines are employed to mark divisions and connections between units, creating startling juxtapositions.

The book's format draws attention to the idiosyncratic form of the texts through its use of a large font, blue print, and ample white space, allowing the design to enter into conversation with the text's highly allusive, self-referential, and visual approach.

£12 + p&p. 350mm x 255mm. 48pp. 250 copies.
Cover image: Simon Hantaï, Etude, 1971. Courtesy of the Estate of Simon Hantaï and Paul Kasmin Gallery.
Designed by Traven T. Croves. Printed by ArtQuarters.

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I Love Roses When They're Past Their Best

I Love Roses When They're Past Their Best | Poetry Anthology

Edited by Harry Burke with poems by Rachael Allen, Jayinee Basu, Gabby Bess, Crispin Best, Harry Burke, Sophie Collins, Carina Finn, Cassandra Gillig, Francesca Lisette, Luna Miguel, Marianne Morris, Sam Riviere, Bunny Rogers, Guillermo Ruiz de Loizaga, Timothy Thornton & Vicki Tingle.

I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best is an experimental poetry anthology which brings together the work of 16 young poets whose work has been influenced by the digital age. The poems reflect new and innovative methods of poetic composition, with authors working in conjunction with the impersonal operations of algorithms and databases. Each of the poets whose work appears in the anthology has his or her own methods of engaging and interacting with computer or web-based technologies. This ranges from poems consisting of sequences of online search results, to works which take as their starting point the materials of social media.

To mark the release of a book engaged with the internet, an accompanying website is being developed by Harry Burke:

The book was designed by PWR Studio, a “cloud-based” studio with physical presence in Amsterdam and Berlin. This collaboration has enabled the production and aesthetics of the anthology to be situated within a design remit that understands the importance of web infrastructure and typography.

Video footage from an event anticipating the anthology can be seen here.

£12 + p&p. 130 x 200mm. 137pp. 400 copies.
Cover image: Bunny Rogers & Jasper Spicero, untitled, 2013

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The Clock
   Illustration for Catalogue of poems   Illustration for Poem 29

A Finger in the Fishes Mouth | Derek Jarman

To mark the 20th anniversary of Derek Jarman's death, Test Centre has produced a facsimile edition of his sole, early, extremely rare poetry book A Finger in the Fishes Mouth, originally published in 1972.

Heavily illustrated from Jarman's collection of postcards, the book combines text and visual imagery in a way which foreshadows his subsequent style as an artist and filmmaker. With the majority of the first edition having been destroyed by Jarman, this new edition makes available a missing, significant piece of his oeuvre.

The facsimile retains the book's original format, with a silver mirror cover, and an image accompanying each poem, printed in a striking green ink. Additional material comes in the form of a new Foreword and Afterwords by Sophie Mayer, Tony Peake and Keith Collins.

A Finger in the Fishes Mouth is the only book being published as part of Jarman 2014, a year-long season of events to celebrate Jarman's life and work.

The book was launched with a special event at the London Review Bookshop on 19 February, 20 years to the day since Jarman's death. For more information, click here.

£12.99 + p&p. 174 x 230mm. 148pp, 33 images
Silver mirror cover with black + green interior
Printed by Aldgate Press. Facsimile production by Traven T. Croves

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Limited to just 700 copies
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An Immodest Proposal

An Immodest Proposal | Iain Sinclair


Produced for the exhibition "Temple Bar Gallery + Studios are Dead", Dublin, 22/11/13 - 25/1/14.

12pp (3 sheets folded into pamphlet form). Brick-red print on off-white. 8 images. Intricately designed by Traven T. Croves and printed by Aldgate Press.

Also available in a limited edition of 26 signed and lettered copies containing additional holographic material and enclosed in a printed wallet (these are now SOLD OUT).

£8 | £25 + p&p

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The Test Centre | Event Posters

Posters from the series of events held at The Test Centre in autumn 2013 are now on sale, including a limited number signed by all of those involved in each event.

A3, printed on Risograph. Designed by Traven T. Croves. Unsigned: £5. Signed: £15. No more than 15 of each available.

The overall poster, advertising each week's curation and events, has been signed by all of those involved and can be purchased for £30 via admin[at]testcentre.org.uk. The full set of 8 signed posters is available for £120, also via admin[at]testcentre.org.uk. Prices below include p&p.

  American Smoke        
Overall Poster
RED EYE launch
Mordant & Petit installation
MoL film night
  American Smoke        
American Smoke launch
Anthology poetry readings
Test Centre 4 launch
Stewart Home LP launch

The Clock

The Clock | Chris Petit & Iain Sinclair

A Test Centre bootleg of correspondence about Christian Marclay's 24-hour film of the same name. Originally published (in an edition of around 20 copies) by Museum of Loneliness in 2010, here expanded to 99 copies.

15 copies are signed by the authors (these are now SOLD OUT).

A5 pamphlet. 36pp.

£8 | £15 (signed) + p&p

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House of Memory

Cowboy / Deleted File | Iain Sinclair

A deleted chapter from Sinclair's new book, American Smoke, concerning Brian Catling and his four unpublished Westerns. Sinclair writes: 'I was interested in the idea of a continent and a frontier culture convincingly accessed without any requirement to quit our native shores. Catling's creatures were so seductively registered that they began to react, chemically, with the obsessive nightmares and journeyings of William Burroughs and Malcolm Lowry.'

Duplicated typescript + 4 b&w images. 13 loose sheets in a brown foolscap folder with sticker label.

26 copies are numbered and signed by Sinclair and Catling (these are now SOLD OUT).

£8 | £15 (signed) + p&p

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Limited to just 100 copies
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House of Memory

The House of Memory | Chris Petit

Publication to accompany the Museum of Loneliness's inaugural physical manifestation, at The Test Centre. As well as an inventory of output and exhibits, and the first printed edition of MoL's 60pages texts, the catalogue contains the full listing of "Fragments of the Lost Library" - 100 books, from £1 to £100, curated, described and offered for sale. An unparalleled and unique autobiography of the Museum and its founder, including working copies, research material and correspondence. Too integrated to break up, the collection is currently taking offers for the lot. Meanwhile it is otherwise available in catalogue form.

A4, 48pp. Partly duplicated typescript with facsimile ms addition. Risograph covers (red ink on blue). Stab stapled.

A limited edition of 20 copies, with gold screenprinted covers, signed and numbered by Petit, with a DVD of his extremely rare film Chinese Boxes inserted, is now SOLD OUT.

£10 | £30 + p&p

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Anthology File

Produced for the Anthology Poetry Readings at The Test Centre, in advance of the poetry anthology I Love Roses When They're Past Their Best (May 2014). Printed on silk paper in colour and b&w.

Words/art by: Sophie Collins/Cédric Fargues; Timothy Thornton/Huw Lemmey; Francesca Lisette/Leslie Kulesh; Gabby Bess/Ann Hirsch; Paul Kneale; Diane Marie/Axel Tufvesson (Jag Är). Contained in a blue foolscap folder with sticker label.

File of 6 A4 poster poems. 50 sets, all numbered.

£5 + p&p

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Test Centre Four

Test Centre Four

The fourth, much expanded issue of our magazine. Printed on Risograph and containing a colour print, the issue features 46pp of poems from a range of English and American writers, across a range of ages. The magazine also includes figures who are particularly influential on Test Centre.

Released in an edition of 400 copies, the magazine is A4 and stapled, and represents the culmination of a busy year's publishing from Test Centre.

Contributors: Sam Riviere, Amy Matterer, Caleb Klaces, John Coletti, Thurston Moore, Dana Ward, Anselm Berrigan, Ed Sanders, Ron Padgett, Tom Clark, Stephen Watts, John Welch, Rupert M Loydell, MacGillivray, Chris Torrance, Iain Sinclair, Lee Rourke, Chris Petit, Stewart Home.

A4, 46pp, 400 copies, £10 + p&p.

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Red Eye

RED EYE | Iain Sinclair

A lost foolscap typescript until its recent unearthing, the long poem RED EYE was written in 1973 for publication by Sinclair’s Albion Village Press the following year. Set aside to accommodate other books from the press, and pushed aside by darker forces, RED EYE is now revealed to be pivotal between Sinclair’s early, locally based texts and the larger, more mythic structures of Lud Heat.

Comprised of stylistically and thematically different sections, in its documentation of daily domestic life RED EYE functions in parallel to Sinclair’s diary filming of late-1960s Hackney life, whilst its literal and poetical topographic journeys outward mirror the experimentation of the early film Maggot Street. The text of RED EYE receives its emotional equivalent in 16 full colour stills from these films, not to illustrate but to present a subconsciously connected film script, a series of alternate ‘books’.

RED EYE is published in an edition of 500 copies. Of these 50 are numbered and signed, and 26 are specially hardbound, lettered and signed, and contain additional holograph material and a rare DVD of early 8mm footage (these are now sold out). There are also 7 copies hors commerce.

80pp + 8pp colour images, designed by Traven T. Croves, printed by Lecturis in Holland

paperback: 297 x 183mm | hardback: 303 x 188mm

£15 / £30 / £125 + p&p

Prices below include p&p. The 26 special edition copies are SOLD OUT.
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Red Eye poster

RED EYE limited edition poster

Ahead of the publication of Iain Sinclair's book-length poem RED EYE in October 2013, Test Centre produced a limited edition of 15 posters. Specially designed by Traven T. Croves, the poster consists of an image and text screenprinted on the card press sheets for RED EYE's promotional flyers. It uses images taken from Iain's early film Maggot Street, along with an extract from the poem and a short description of the text's history and resurrection.

Each poster is signed and numbered, and features additional holographic material by Iain.

48 x 32cm

£30 + p&p

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Limited to just 15 copies


GOOGLEmeGOD | Chris Petit

Filmmaker and writer Chris Petit returns to Test Centre with the new publication GOOGLEmeGOD. A development from Petit's Museum of Loneliness pamphlets, GOOGLEmeGOD is the first printed output from that project to be generally available. The book collects writings resulting from travels in Johannesburg, Nuremberg, and the internet. Drawing from the exploded image bank, the Museum explores how 'experience becomes its own form of curating drifted into cultural margins'. GOOGLEmeGOD engages with the meaning of the image and its relationship to text, urban space, memory and experience 'to achieve a state between technology & dream'.

The book consists of 6 texts: Games without frontiers; FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST CIVILISATION; GOOGLEmeGOD I & II; the open book; the museum of loneliness.

Also featured is a list of found postcards sent to Miss E Bell Robinson (a name with resonance to Petit's followers) accompanied by 4 colour images by Emma Matthews. GOOGLEmeGOD is further illustrated with 5 Museum of Loneliness collages, black and white text illustrations, and 2 text experiments. Frequently exercises in typography, the texts themselves are inseparable from the images.

GOOGLEmeGOD is available in an edition of 300 stamped copies, of which 15 are numbered, signed and contain extra holographic material from Chris (these are now SOLD OUT).

246 x 210mm, 24pp, illustrated, designed by Traven T. Croves.

£12 + p&p

Limited to just 300 copies
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Test Centre Three

Test Centre Three | Iain Sinclair, Chris Petit, Stewart Home, Steve Moore, Oli Hazzard, Harry Burke

No. 3, with new poems by Oli Hazzard and Harry Burke, an extract from Stewart Home's unpublished novel The Nine Lives of Ray The Cat Jones, two unpublished chapters of Steve Moore's Somnium, the first sight of Chris Petit's Requiem for Monsters, and 'THE ROOM' from Red Eye by Iain Sinclair.

A4, 20+ pages, c.200 copies, £6 + p&p.


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Austerlitz & After : Tracing Sebald

Austerlitz and After : Tracking Sebald | Iain Sinclair

An unused, adapted section from Iain's book American Smoke (2013), Austerlitz and After: Tracking Sebald recounts an East London walk in the late German author's footsteps. In the company of Sebald's friend, the poet Stephen Watts, the narrative moves from Liverpool Street through Spitalfields to the Jewish burial grounds at Brady Street and Alderney Road, considering along the way Sebald in life - his experience of London, his writing methods, and his residence in Norwich - and in death.

Simultaneously it tells of Iain's history in the same terrain, whilst through its use of images (a nod to Sebald) it provides an insight into his approach to composition. His American adventure flanked by the tale of the actress Gemma McCluskie, finally discovered in the Regent's Canal, he attempts to write himself out of his locale.

28pp.; printed card covers; 270x153mm (approx.); printed on Risograph; designed by Traven T. Croves. Illustrated with 6 photographs by Iain Sinclair and pictorial endpapers.

Austerlitz and After was published in an edition of 300 copies, of which 26 have buckram covers, are lettered and contain extra holographic material from Iain.

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Limited to just 300 copies
Test Centre Two  

Test Centre Two | Iain Sinclair, Steve Moore & Lee Rourke

Issue Two of our magazine contains poetry from Iain Sinclair, a typographical piece by Steve Moore, and a short story by Lee Rourke.
A4, 18 pp., c. 200 copies, £6 + p&p.

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Test Centre One  

Test Centre One | Iain Sinclair & Chris Petit

The first issue of our magazine, featuring new poetry from Iain Sinclair and new fiction from Chris Petit. A4 in format, it is printed on Risograph by Hato Press.




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